Nora Black has a nose for murder, but if she can't sniff out the killer, she will lose her best friend. Forever.

Since a major surgery, where Nora briefly flatlined on the operating table, she's been experiencing what some might call paranormal activity. No, she can’t see dead people, but quite suddenly, she's triggered by scents that, in their wake, leave behind vividly intense memories. Sometimes they’re unfocused and hazy, but there’s no doubt, they are very, very real.

Know what else? They’re not her memories.

When her best friend Gilly’s abusive boyfriend Lloyd ends up dead after a fire, and Gilly becomes the prime suspect in what Nora's ex-husband, the town’s chief of police, says is murder, Nora ends up a babysitter to Gilly's two teenagers while her friend is locked up in the clink.

Add to that her super sniffer’s newly acquired abilities and a rash of memories connected to the real criminal, and Nora finds herself racing to catch a killer before her best friend is tried for murder.

Current Series by Renee George