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Werecougar Lily Mason has sworn off investigating crimes in Moonrise, Missouri. Now that she's a college student with two jobs and officially the girlfriend of animal activist Parker Knowles, she’s too busy for drama and danger.

Besides, the last case nearly cost her everything, including her life.

At least until her friend, the elderly Opal Dixon, breaks a hip and must recuperate in a nursing home. Opal’s has been spending all her time complaining about her annoying roommate, her idiot doctor, and the laundry service that keeps losing her clothes. So, Lily is less than convinced when Opal insists a nurse’s suicide is really foul play.

Still, to ease her friend’s fears, Lily agrees to look into the situation. With her loyal dog Smooshie at her side while she delves into the case, Lily soon learns that it's not all Bingo and low-sodium diets at Moonrise Manor.

And when Opal's suspicions make her the next target, Lily realizes she’s running out of time to save her friend...and stop a desperate killer.