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When you lust after a bear and start a deadly affair, it's time to practice safe hex.

Vampire Dee Delgados has a huge problem in the form of a seven foot, four-hundred-pound bear named Time Bomb. The hunky bear Shifter thinks Dee smells like mushrooms, and, for her, he smells like sweet blood and wine.

Unfortunately, vampire blood is highly lethal for Shifters, and one drop can end their relationship before it even begins. So what's a love sick vamp to do when she has the mating blues?

Run away, of course.

But when Dee goes on a year-long mission for her king that takes her all the way to the Bering Sea, the job puts her in the crosshairs of a heartless dragon and lands the bear Shifter she loves in a fight to the death.

Dee, Time Bomb, and the RMCA team will need their wits and a lot of luck if they want to best the dragon on his own turf. At least, they'll give it their hex shot.