A shifter serial killer is on the loose, and Chavvah Trimmel appears to be the next target.


The past year has been seriously craptastic, and all I want to do is focus on the future and forget about the past. I’d also like to forget about a certain sexy werewolf doctor who only sees me as a patient and a victim, not a potential mate.


Running a restaurant with my best friend Sunny is all the medicine I need. Besides, I’m a coyote-shifter, and coyotes and wolves don’t play well together. At least, that’s what I’ve always been taught. So, when the Tri-State Council of Therianthropes decides to hold their annual Jubilee in Peculiar, I welcome the distraction from my troubles.

But trouble has a way of finding me.

With an influx of new shifters in town, a murder behind Sunny's Outlook has everyone on high alert, and we have a big mystery to solve if we want to stop a killer in his tracks.

To complicate matters, the wolf shifter doc is acting strange around me. He’s protective, territorial, and annoyed (okay, the annoyed part isn't that strange), and that has me worried more about my heart than my safety.

Peculiar Mysteries series from USA Today bestselling author Renee George are laugh-out-loud, grip the edge of your seat, and swoon as you fall in love tales of mystery, humor, and romance that take place in the small (fictional) Ozark shifter town of Peculiar, Missouri.