After nearly dying on the operating table, 50-year-old Nora Black gains a sixth sense. But will it be enough to solve the mystery and help her catch a murderer?  In these witty and charming cozy mysteries,  “The heroine proves that being over 50 doesn’t have to stink, even if her psychic visions do," Mandy M. Roth, NYT & USA Today Bestselling Author

"Sense and Scent Ability by Renee George is a delightfully funny, smart, full of excitement, up-all-night fantastic read! I couldn't put it down. The latest installment in the Paranormal Women's Fiction movement, knocks it out of the park. Do yourself a favor and grab a copy today!"  -- Robyn Peterman, NYT Bestselling Author

"I'm loving the Paranormal Women's Fiction genre! Renee George's humor shines when a woman of a certain age sniffs out the bad guy and saves her bestie. Funny, strong female friendships rule!" -- Michelle M. Pillow, NYT & USAT Bestselling Author