A string of robberies, wedding sabotage, and slew of personal disasters threaten to ruin Sunny and Babe’s special day. 


You'll never hear anyone who knows me say, "Boy, that Sunny Haddock sure is a quitter.” I’m no defeatist. 

But, lately, it hasn’t been easy to see the glass half full. I’m weeks away from having a baby and trying really hard to marry the father and love of my life, and it’s been one catastrophic disaster after another.

Between a waxing disaster (you know what I mean, ladies!) and the theft of our weddings bands, it appears our union is doomed. 

But ever the optimist, I’m determined to figure out who or what is trying to sabotage my Valentine's Day nuptials. 

And I’d better hurry up because as of right now, the wedding's off!

Peculiar Mysteries series from USA Today bestselling author Renee George are laugh-out-loud, grip the edge of your seat, and swoon as you fall in love tales of mystery, humor, and romance that take place in the small (fictional) Ozark shifter town of Peculiar, Missouri.