Book One

One Dead body and a town full of suspects. Lily Mason and her sidekick Smooshie are on the case.

Book Two

A new home for a new start, but when a body falls out of the wall, it's another case for Lily and Smooshie to solve. 

Book Three

A rescued puppy leads to Lily and Smooshie to another murder. Can they solve the crime before they become the next victims?

Book Four

When Lily's uncle is accused of murder, she and Smooshie will risk exposure to prove his innocence.

Book Five

When is a suicide not suicide? When it's murder. Lily and Smooshie are drawn into another case. Will it be their last?

Book Six

A murder steeped in the past puts everyone in danger. Can Lily and the Moonrise gan solve the case before someone else dies?

Book Seven

Lily will have to pull out all the tricks if she wants a snowball’s chance at solving the murder, before the killer can claim another victim.