My name is Nora Black. I'm turning fifty-two, but I don't feel a day over twenty-nine. That is, when my feet don't hurt, my eyesight isn't failing, and my scent-induced psychic ability isn't showing me crimes.

For my birthday, my best friend Gilly signed us up for a weekend at the Central Midwest Spa Convention. Yay. Massages, fine dining, maid service, and best of all, as long as we attend a few workshops, the weekend is a tax write-off. It should be all sunshine and roses, right? Wrong.

It turns out that the Queen Maleficent of Makeup and my former nemesis , Carmen Carraway, is a featured presenter, and she seems determined to ruin my birthday weekend. But when a certain hot detective shows up to surprise me, I push aside my ill will and try to focus on my newfound happiness.

Unfortunately, a disturbing smell-o-vision of a gun and a threat has me trying to save Carmen rather than throttle her. When Gilly finds the murdered body of Carmen's assistant in a meditation pod, it's all noses on deck for this mystery. And I'll need all my senses to find out who wants to kill Carmen before she ends up dead. That is, if I don’t kill her first.