When your love life is laggin', and you're crushin' on a dragon, it's time to practice safe hex.

Shirley Brothers, the head of the Rogue Magic Control Agency (RMCA), has one mission on her mind. Find a dragon's heart and don't lose her own in the process. Falling for the dragon isn't part of the plan.

Plan's fail. Andrak the dragon is big, he's sexy, and he doesn't have to breathe fire to get her hot. He's also single-minded when it comes to getting what's his.

Andrak searched for the pieces of his broken heart for thousands of years. He's finally closing in on the prize, and nothing will stop him from reaching his ultimate goal.

Well, nothing except a 200-year-old witch. She's a little bit bossy, and he finds that a lot sexy.

But when the fragments are taken by a cult of necromancers and the witch council call for Shirley's arrest, the two of them go rogue for a mission that puts their romance and their lives in jeopardy.