Book Two

A middle-aged witch, a sexy djinn, and a midlife firestorm that won't be stopped.

In my family, danger happens faster than a pixie in heat. I'm Marigold Everlee, a middle-aged eclectic witch with a knack for trouble and a soul that houses a piece of my fiery boyfriend Zev's ifrit spirit.

Talk about a girl on fire. Literally.

Sharing a piece of Zev’s soul also gives me access to his fire magic. Oh, yeah, we keep things hot.

After a harrowing rescue mission where I pissed off half the folks in a secret supernatural realm—not to mention a snake goddess who wants Zev all to herself—I knew trouble would find us again.

I just didn't expect it to show up on the same freaking day I brought Zev home. Someone who clearly missed the memo on "leave the people I love alone or get fired from life" has kidnapped my brother Rowan. 

What do they want? Zev, of course. My popular fire djinn can't catch a break. 

With few options, we enlist the help of Carver, an eclectic witch friend and mentor. Then, we're off to unravel the mystery of Rowan's disappearance. With their help, I'll face this challenge like I do all challenges—head-on.

The kidnappers obviously don't know who they're messing with.  And if they harm a hair on my brother’s head, I will burn their world to the ground. And stomp on the ashes.

Book One

A middle-aged witch, a sexy djinn, and a midlife adventure that's about to get fired up! 

Seven months ago, goddess magic allowed me, the very human Marigold Everlee, to have a couple of sizzling nights with the very paranormal Zev. He was tall, dark, and smoking hot.

Literally. He's an ifrit--a fire-magic-wielding djinn.

Spoiler alert: When the goddess magic poofed---so did Zev.

Yeah. I was ghosted after he promised me, he’d be back. His disappearance turned my heart to ash. But you know what? I'm middle-aged and marvelous, baby. Crying over spilled magic isn't going to change what happened to my one-sided love connection.

I have new aspirations: being the best bad-ass witch possible. My new bestie is teaching me the ways of eclectic magic, and I’m throwing all my energy into the process. I’ve always been a little hippy-dippy, so using my crystals and herbs for spell work should come naturally to me, right?


Just when I think I’m getting the hang of potions, a fire spell blows up in my face, leaving a cryptic message scorched into my kitchen cabinets.

From Zev. What the what!?

It seems Zev didn't want to disappear after all.

I may be a magical mess, but no one gets away with hurting the people I love, including my stubborn, sarcastic, sexy genie.

Watch out, world. This girl is on fire. Get out of the way ... or get burned.