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My name is Nora Black. I’m fifty-six years old, and I’m having the midlife adventure of my life.

I’m all set for the ultimate winter escape: a couples cruise with my sweetheart Ezra, and my best friends Gilly and Pippa, along with their husbands. We are ready to hit the high seas for sun, fun, and definitely no crime-solving. The plan is simple: cocktails, sunsets, and endless laughter. But you know what they say about the best-laid plans...

When one of our table mates, a frequent flyer on this very cruise line, ends up face down in the Lido Deck pool, the captain declares it an accident.

But my psychic nose says otherwise—this is murder.

Now, with the clock ticking before we reach foreign soil, I’ll have to use my aroma mojo to sniff out the truth. It looks like it’s up to us to unravel the mystery before the killer gets away with murder.

So much for smooth sailing!