When your date with fate goes horribly wrong, it's time to practice safe hex.

Witch Gigi Wise, the Bravo Team leader for the Rogue Magic Control Agency, has two rules in life. One, the job comes first. Always. Two, when it comes to romance, see rule one. She was almost dumb enough to break Rule #1 for magically delicious Monty Abadose who is, unfortunately, the Alpha Team leader for the RMCA.

But, hey, what are the chances she'll ever have to work with the magical Lothario again?

Turns out the odds are not ever in her favor when it comes to Monty. Because her newest mission requires her and the sexy warlock to marry—as in oh-em-gee for-real nuptials—to go undercover and infiltrate a dangerous cult of witches and warlocks.

Monty is a powerful warlock from a disgraced family, and of course, is the obvious choice to take down the Divinus Paradiso cult. Most people already believe the poisoned apple doesn't fall far from the dark magic tree. With Gigi's witchy talents for disguise and silence spells, it makes sense—at least to the RMCA's higher-ups—to pair them up.

It's bad enough their lives, and the magic of all witches, depends on their success. But for Gigi, getting out alive isn't nearly as difficult as surviving with her heart intact. It comes down to a choice: Let past heartbreak decide her fate… or take a chance on Monty and happily-ever-after?