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Join Nora Black, the fifty-one-year-young owner of Scents & Scentsability, as she navigates life in the charming resort town of Garden Cove. Since her near-death experience during a hysterectomy, Nora's developed a peculiar psychic gift triggered by scents, thrusting her into a world of mystery and intrigue.

In Sense and Scent Ability, Nora becomes embroiled in a murder investigation to clear her best friend Gilly's name. Using her newfound abilities, Nora races against time to catch a killer before Gilly is wrongly convicted.

Then, in For Whom The Smell Tolls, Nora tackles another case, investigating the suspicious death of a friend's cousin. With allergies hindering her senses and her ex-chief of police breathing down her neck, Nora must rely on her intuition and loyal friends to sniff out the truth.

Finally, in War of the Noses, Nora faces off against her former nemesis at a spa convention turned deadly when murder becomes the main event. With the help of her friends and her hot detective beau, Nora dives nose-first into solving the mystery, determined to uncover the truth before another life is lost.

Filled with humor, friendship, romance, and plenty of intrigue, this aromatic trio of mysteries proves there's no scent (or villain) too elusive for Nora Black to sniff out.

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In this 3-book Nora Black Midlife Psychic Mysteries collection, go on a scent-sational journey with Nora Black, a vibrant fifty-something with a heart full of adventure and a nose for trouble.

In Aroma With A View, join Nora and her eclectic crew as they navigate deadly snakes, hijacked baby shower celebrations, and a race against time that has roots in the past.

Next, in Spice and Prejudice, witness midlife dating escapades that take a dangerous turn as Nora unravels another murder mystery with her best friends and detective beau that gets dangerously personal.

Finally, in The Age of Inno-Scents, travel back to the 80s for an unforgettable weekend filled with big hair, shoulder pads, and a killer plot that only Nora's scratch-n-sniff psychic gift can unravel.

Brace yourself for laughter, friendship, romance, and a whiff of danger in this delightful trio of mysteries. 

After nearly dying on the operating table, 50-year-old Nora Black gains a sixth sense. But will it be enough to solve the mystery and help her catch a murderer?  In these witty and charming mysteries,  “The heroine proves that being over 50 doesn’t have to stink, even if her psychic visions do," Mandy M. Roth, NYT & USA Today Bestselling Author

"Sense and Scent Ability by Renee George is a delightfully funny, smart, full of excitement, up-all-night fantastic read! I couldn't put it down. Do yourself a favor and grab a copy today!"  -- Robyn Peterman, NYT Bestselling Author

"Renee George's humor shines when a woman of a certain age sniffs out the bad guy and saves her bestie. Funny, strong female friendships rule!" -- Michelle M. Pillow, NYT & USAT Bestselling Author