You've Got This Sh*t: A 3-Month Planner

From the Demented Minds of Renee George & Robyn Peterman

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Start Planning Shit Today!

We’re addicted to office supplies—specifically planners. To be more accurate, profane planners. We feel no shame for this addiction.

Going to office supply stores is an orgasmic field trip. For real. Hell, ordering notebooks, organizational baskets (that we don’t need) and pens online is sexy.

It may be embarrassing, but we find dry erase boards hot. Again, no shame.

After many c*ck-blocking planner experiences where we came close but didn’t quite enter Nirvana, we began a new mission. We searched high and low for the perfect f*cking planner. When we didn’t find it, we decided to make our own.

Yep, now you can share our obsession and giggle your way through a fabu three-month planner filled with potty words and sage advice. It’s set up to be used any time of the year because we’re good like that.

If you want to be a woman who gets sh*t done and can't remember a damn thing unless you write it down, we got you covered.

F*cking enjoy. We did.


Renee George & Robyn Peterman