Having a baby shower is murder...

Pregnant werecougar Lily Mason and her human mate Parker Knowles will soon be first-time parents, and they're not nervous at all. Hah! Yes, they are. 

The duo is determined to do everything right. Including getting their two adorable pitties, Smooshie and Elvis, prepared for a human sibling, baby-proofing everything around the house, buying a family-friendly vehicle, and taking birthing classes at the community center.  

Lily and Parker are making friends with several of the other parents-to-be. They are bonding over nurseries, baby showers, and all the joys and not-so-joyous parts of pregnancy. Secrets turn toxic, though, when one of the dads is found murdered, and it turns out the class is full of hormonal suspects who wanted him dead. 

When the only single mom in the group, someone Lily has grown fond of, is arrested for murder, Lily is convinced that, while the woman might have motive, means, and opportunity, she isn’t the guilty party.  

Lily, Parker, and the Moonrise gang aren't going to let an innocent woman give birth in jail. But the victim has a lot of enemies, and finding out who really offed Daddy Dearest is turning out to be a real killer!