I'm werewolf ... at least until someone strips me of my ability to shift. Guess what? It turns out I’m a witch-born lycan, and when my magic kicks in, that’s when things get really hairy.

Yeah, so, my life is complicated, okay? I'm a shapeshifting college student. Social life? Um, no. I don't have time for friends or parties while I'm studying my tail off and howling at the full moon every month. Then two days before my birthday, the ex-alpha of my former pack sends his goons to wolf-nap me.

Luckily, I don't have to face my troubles alone. A certain hunky coyote shifter wants to be my knight in shining fur. Rowr. And my bio dad and stepmom have my back no matter what. But when a hometown psychic sends me to a wise woman in Oklahoma, long-kept family secrets are exposed. Not to mention uncovering the super creepy plan put into play the day I was born.

You know what? My enemies are about to find out that life is a witch.

And so am I.

Peculiar Mysteries series from USA Today bestselling author Renee George are laugh-out-loud, grip the edge of your seat, and swoon as you fall in love tales of mystery, humor, and romance that take place in the small (fictional) Ozark shifter town of Peculiar, Missouri.

Having a baby shower is murder...

Pregnant werecougar Lily Mason and her human mate Parker Knowles will soon be first-time parents, and they're not nervous at all. Hah! Yes, they are. 

The duo is determined to do everything right. Including getting their two adorable pitties, Smooshie and Elvis, prepared for a human sibling, baby-proofing everything around the house, buying a family-friendly vehicle, and taking birthing classes at the community center.  

Lily and Parker are making friends with several of the other parents-to-be. They are bonding over nurseries, baby showers, and all the joys and not-so-joyous parts of pregnancy. Secrets turn toxic, though, when one of the dads is found murdered, and it turns out the class is full of hormonal suspects who wanted him dead. 

When the only single mom in the group, someone Lily has grown fond of, is arrested for murder, Lily is convinced that, while the woman might have motive, means, and opportunity, she isn’t the guilty party.  

Lily, Parker, and the Moonrise gang aren't going to let an innocent woman give birth in jail. But the victim has a lot of enemies, and finding out who really offed Daddy Dearest is turning out to be a real killer! 

My name is Nora Black, and I’m celebrating my BFFs midlife matrimony!

Gilly is engaged, and I have invited a couple of friends to help us celebrate her bachelorette vacation in wine country. We are leaving work behind for three days of good food, good friends, and good fun.

Or so I thought. When the youngest of our group, Tippy Davenport, gets flirty with a local musician, his girlfriend is less than pleased. Some might even call her reaction homicidal. But when the woman turns up dead during a hiking tour, our vacation turns into an investigation.

It doesn’t take a sommelier to sniff out the sour grapes surrounding this murder, including the astringent scents of old money, family intrigue, jealousy, and greed. 

I’ll have to employ my psychic nose to catch a killer and get the bride back home to Garden Cove in time for her wedding.

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Book Six

A middle-aged witch, a sexy djinn, and a midlife adventure that's about to get fired up! 

Marigold's love is a burning thing. And she'll face a fiery ring if that's what it takes to get Zev back!