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My name is Nora Black, and I’m celebrating my BFFs midlife matrimony!

Gilly is engaged, and I have invited a couple

of friends to help us celebrate her bachelorette vacation in wine country. We

are leaving work behind for three days of good food, good friends, and good


Or so I thought. When the youngest of our group, Tippy Davenport, gets flirty with a local musician, his girlfriend is less than pleased. Some might even call her reaction homicidal. But when the woman turns up dead during a hiking tour, our vacation turns into an investigation.

It doesn’t take a sommelier to sniff out the sour grapes surrounding this murder, including the astringent scents of old money, family intrigue, jealousy, and greed. I’ll have to employ my psychic nose to catch a killer and get the bride back home to Garden Cove in time for her wedding.

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Book Six

A middle-aged witch, a sexy djinn, and a midlife adventure that's about to get fired up! 

Marigold's love is a burning thing. And she'll face a fiery ring if that's what it takes to get Zev back!