Grimoires of a Middle-aged Witch Universe

A middle-aged witch, a sexy djinn, and a midlife adventure that's about to get fired up! 

Seven months ago, goddess magic allowed me, the very human Marigold Everlee, to have a couple of sizzling nights with the very paranormal Zev. He was tall, dark, and smoking hot.

Literally. He's an ifrit--a fire-magic-wielding djinn.

Spoiler alert: When the goddess magic poofed---so did Zev.

Yeah. I was ghosted after he promised me, he’d be back. His disappearance turned my heart to ash. But you know what? I'm middle-aged and marvelous, baby. Crying over spilled magic isn't going to change what happened to my one-sided love connection.

I have new aspirations: being the best bad-ass witch possible. My new bestie is teaching me the ways of eclectic magic, and I’m throwing all my energy into the process. I’ve always been a little hippy-dippy, so using my crystals and herbs for spell work should come naturally to me, right?


Just when I think I’m getting the hang of potions, a fire spell blows up in my face, leaving a cryptic message scorched into my kitchen cabinets.

From Zev. What the what!?

It seems Zev didn't want to disappear after all.

I may be a magical mess, but no one gets away with hurting the people I love, including my stubborn, sarcastic, sexy genie.

Watch out, world. This girl is on fire. Get out of the way ... or get burned.

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