Witchin' IMpossible is Now Available in Audio!

My name is Nora Black, local shop owner and part-time psychic consultant in the resort town of Garden Cove.

When an anonymous letter in the local paper exposes my extrasensory secret, our normally idyllic town is plagued by a series of mysterious accidents, and I find myself drawn into a deadly game of cat and mouse.

A cunning killer has targeted me by planting scent clues to a murder he plans to commit. His clues are muddy, but the message is clear: Catch me before I kill.

Thankfully, I won’t have to piece together the puzzle alone. With my best friends Gilly and Pippa and my sweetheart Detective Ezra Holden by my side, we’ll sniff out the trail of the would-be killer.

But as the danger escalates, I’ll have to rely on my unique ability to decipher the clues and outsmart my devious foe before it’s too late.