It all comes down to this.....

A chatty gnome, a hot professor, and a midlife adventure that's pure magic.

Being a forty-something divorcee with a college-bound teenaged son is a freaking cakewalk compared to wielding my unruly magic. Oh, and did I mention my newly discovered sister wants to kill me? 

After a hellish week spent with older than dirt archdruids and a few new enemies, I’m ready to get home so I can hug my kid and sleep in my own bed. But nope, that's not how my crazy magical mid-life works.

My spirit magic has been triggered, and a ghost's cryptic message gives me more bad news. Something worse than my psycho sister might be after me. Awesome.

I'm so over selfish magical creatures trying steal my powers and my life. It's Battle Royale time. I’ll need the help of all my tru-craft guardians if I stand a chance against my supernatural foes. But first I’ll have to get into the spirit of my new element before the spirit gets into me.


It's a holly, jolly, cozy mystery!

My name is Nora Black, and I’m having a very merry messy midlife Christmas!

50’s are the new 40’s and I’m living my best life ever. I may have a few more aches and pains, graying roots, and couple extra pounds, but I also have two quirky best friends who always have my back, business is booming, and my love life has never been better or hotter.

That is until my sweetie Ezra Holden invites me home for Christmas to meet his family.

The season is full of surprises in Ezra's hometown, like a missing cousin, a case of mistaken identity, and a slew of painful memories—none of them my own.

This Holden Family Holiday should be filled with scents of peppermint, gingerbread, and pine, but all I smell is danger. It turns out my psychic nose really is the gift that keeps on giving.